Pike fishing 
Up here in northern
Sweden we have one of Europe's best fishing waters for pike!

We have lots of different water to choose with different character.
Big lake, small lake, and our fantastic river!
A real river pike is so mutch more stonger than pike that living in lake.
They can combine fishing in several ways, fishing from float tube is my absolute favorite!

This is included in the package:

* Transfer from kallax Airport.
* Transfer between different fishing          waters
* Accommodation in a tentipi tent        near some fishing water.
* Guide 4 days, 8 h / day.
* Lunch 4 days
* Fishing license

For this package you can buy:

* Living in the cottage
* All the food
* Rental equipment
* More fishing days

How long do they take to travel here?
From Stockholm by air, they take about 2-3 hours before you have the fishing gear in the water.

4 days fishing, 3 persons 683 Euro PP

4 days fishing, 4 persons 575 Euro PP

You can be bought for better accommodation, more days, dinner etc. Or if you are a larger or smaller number who want to come and try the pike fishing in Kalix, hear from you for a quote!